Thursday, August 31, 2006

Prayers to the Virgin Mary

We were driving home from California this week and the kids were HORRIBLE. My little girl screamed for 6 hours straight and my little boy was despondent because we left the DVD player at grandpa's house, and also, my back hurt like a mother*&%er. A drive that should have taken 9 hours was taking closer to 16 because of all the stopping we had to do.

Well, on one of our stops we went to a Wal Mart where we walked around all bleary eyed. We had been praying and praying for hours, hoping that things would get better. But they hadn't.

Then on one of the ailes we found a Virgin Mary candle.

I picked up the candle and said, "Well, God, if *you* won't do anything..."

We lit the candle to the Virgin.

The kids fell asleep and slept till home.


heidi said...

I needed a good laugh tonight. Sorry about the hellish car ride, thanks for making it funny for me. Maybe I'll get a couple Virgin Mary candles, just in case.

k said...

I keep that virgin mary candle in my bathroom now. And I light it all the time. :-)