Friday, May 18, 2007

Essays by Martin Luther King, Thomas Jefferson, and oh, that's right, ME!!

I just had an essay published in a BYU textbook. We got our copies a few days ago, and here's what I think: it kind of rocks. A few hundred kids are going to have their minds warped by what I have to say. MWAHHAHAHA!


rebekah said...

OMG i think this is the funniest blog i have ever read. not even really sure what path led me to it, but you are definitely favorited now.

Karie said...

Hey lady! Way to warp young minds. I hope to achieve that someday myself, so I will continue to read your blog in hopes of gleaning tidbits of wisdom.

I've read the rest of the blog, and wow, I missed out on some times there. I'm glad you got through okay.

shannon b said...

very cool.