Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good thing you're moving back soon, Cat!

We were talking about people in our family today and Sam started naming them.

When he got to the end he finished off . . . "And Barbara and Johnny!"

Steve said, "What about Catherine and Richard?"

Sam said, "huh?"

Steve said, "Where are they?" [they've been living in Philadelphia for the last year or so]

Sam said, "Oh, yeah." [shrug] "They're dead."

Steve and I looked at each other in a disturbed silence.

Then we laughed.

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Catherine said...

*Weep* Oh, my worst fear has just been confirmed! Not only am I not the favorite Aunt, but in the eyes of my favorite little human, I am dead! Alas...this will be promtly corrected in two weeks. Ha Ha Ha...