Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Story Time!

After dinner tonight, Sam was in a storytelling mood. It was actually the first time that I remember him being in this mood in his entire, three-year-old, life. And it was friggin adorable.

He told us three stories in all. The first story was about a boy who gets eaten by a dragon. (Don't worry, the boy made so much noise in the dragon's stomach that the dragon spit him out and the boy ran away.) The third story was about how SpongeBob saved Mr. Krabs from the evil Jelly Fish. The second story, I'll share below in it's adorable fullness. (Pictures added by me.)



The Tall Man and the Ghost


Once upon a time there lived the tallest man in the whole world.

He was very, very tall.

But then, one day, he met a ghost!

The very tall man took the ghost and put him in the sink. But that didn't make him go away. So the tall man took the ghost and put him in the water drawer. But that didn't go away. So the tall man got a jar of water:

The ghost tried to run away. He made himself look like a little boy! But he wasn't a little boy! He was a ghost!

But it's okay because the tallest man took the ghost and put him in the jar.

The End.


Whaddya' think? Personally, the story made me get all weepy. Yay for adorable little storytelling boys!


Barb said...

Very cute! He's so brilliant! It makes me wonder if he has a secret fear of ghosts...

Mother Goose said...

As a former fourth grade writing teacher, he has got all the elements of a good story. He is going to be an awesome writer! He must get it from is mom. ;)