Monday, November 12, 2007

Every now and then, students rock

Whenever I get a cold, it goes immediately to my voice and I sound like a gravelly meth user.

Thus, the following conversation while teaching:

girl student: "Did you lose your voice?"

me: "No, I'm just talking like this because I wanted to sound sexy."

boy student [straight faced] sitting on front row: "Well, it's *working.*"


Reid said...

Before I decide whether this is cute or not, what grade are the kids in?

I feel the same way about cold-voice, I used to wait to cut my radio demos for the first good cold snap. A sore throat gives me "summer movie announcer guy voice".

k said...

college students. ;-)

Reid said...

Ah. Very cool then.

Man o Steel said...

That was me! Ha. Good times.