Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When we're stupid we think that we're wise

So, I just finished reading a thoroughly horrific (not only preachy and didactic and self righteous, but a complete misunderstanding of analysis, critical thinking, and, yes, even the friggin English language) student paper and it's made me wonder...

you know how the Book of Mormon warns against thinking that being learned means that you're wise?

I think we've taken it too far.

Ignorance was never a virtue, people.



Reid said...

I'm amazed by how proud people are of their stupidity these days, refusing to even entertain the notion of getting smarter by listening to anybody with a differing opinion. I guess that's getting passed down to the next generation.

sarah said...

my dad loves to quote from the Bible, the one about 'in calling themselves wise they become fools' i think.

but what's somehow more relevant to me here is the memory of all the papers i've edited (i was the comm department tutor) that fit your exact description of that paper. always, it was people who said "im a great writer, i made a's all through high school." auuuugh! how can you not just take the criticism and use it! how can you come back to me and say, no no i'm a good writer. no!! no no!