Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lily wants you to have some pretend soup

I wouldn't say no, if I were you.


Tirzah said...

If she's anything like my little girl, she'd shove it in your mouth anyway!! Sweet!

Mark- TCM said...

"No thanks, duck. Got any pretend chocolate. I'm allowed that on my diet!"
FYI - "duck" is used in Central and Northern England as a term of endearment. Other words used in this way are chuck and luv, though there are several other one too (including my favourite variant, Ducky!)
Gee, I'm full of useless info eh? Might be worth calling people "Duck" when you go to Wales next! Try this, "eee up, Duck, me plates are killin' me!" (translates as hello friend, my feet are sore.")
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