Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just another reason to check your gut, people

Because the Utah Republicans have decided that they will NOT ALLOW any NON-REPUBLICANs to vote in their precious, precious primary, I (non-partisian me)* was handed a Democratic ballot today. Thus, I got to consider the fascinating (no sarcasm intended; I find this entire presidential primary race utterly fascinating) questions relating to the problems of racism versus the problems of sexism.

The radio news dudes have been considering it a lot, too. The other day, there was an entire program on racism and the speaker on the program said, "When you walk into a room, race is the very first thing that you notice."

Which made me think, well, let's consider this idea.

Two scenarios:

One: you walk into a room and meet a man, but you can't tell what race he is.

Two: you walk into a room and you meet someone, but you can't tell what gender they are.


Which scenario are you going to obsess about?!

However far we have to go with our racism, at least we're aware of it. Dunno if the same thing can be said about our sexism.

*who is pretty happy with whoever anyone votes for as long as it's NOT FRIGGIN HUCKABEE


Man o Steel said...

Ah, good old Huckabee. Stole some crucial states from Mitt and doesn't believe in evolution. Good times. I'm gonna miss that guy.

Jaime said...

Very interesting thought…I think that since we think of gender as being one way or the other, it is more confusing to our brains to not be able to categorize a person into one of the two possible groups. I went to a great restaurant in San Francisco where the servers are all “trannies”, but they are *gorgeous* “women”. (not cross-dressers, they had had lots of surgeries) It was literally a hard concept to wrap my brain around since they were blurring the distinctions between categories. Aside from just figuring out which pronoun to use, it was hard to comprehend because these people were somewhere in between the classifications we’re used to. Part of your mind says they are obviously beautiful women and part of your mind knows they’re not! With race, there are so many categories and variations, so it seems more acceptable to us to not be able to figure it out, or to accept someone in-between the groups we’re familiar with.