Monday, February 25, 2008

That's the last time I listen to *you* people

Sam noticed that his fish was missing. He got a stricken look on his face and asked, "Mommy, what happened to my pet?"

If I had done what I thought I should have done, I would have already bought another identical fish and replaced it before he noticed his fish was gone. But because everyone seemed to think I should tell him about death, I explained, "I'm sorry honey, but your fish died. We can get you another one when you're ready."

Eyes get wider. Face gets even more stricken. "He's dead?"

Steve says, "Yes. He's in fish heaven now."


I say, "Do you want another fish?"

Sam shakes his head. Then his eyes well up. And he starts to cry.

He cries for twenty minutes.

I feel like the worst mother EVER.

So, yeah. Thanks for that, people. Thanks.


Barb said...

That is sad. I hate it when Sam is sad. He always looks so pitiful! :(

Anonymous said...

That's the most pathetic picture I've ever seen. Thanks for ripping my heart out. I guess I wasn't clear enough when I said yes. I meant, yes on the go to Wal-Mart thing. Thanks for ruining my week with that picture that's seared on my brain forever.
Hugs to my sweet grandbaby.
Love you, mom

Jér said...

It occurred to me after a moment that, where there is a photograph, there is usually a photographer. In this case, an incredibly hard-hearted photographer.

Audra said...

Sorry, but life sucks - then you die. It is better that lessons are learned early.

I know I am a cold hearted mom. I can take it.

Man o Steel said...

I think that the inevitable introduction to death is a very important step in growing up. A much sadder thing happened to my little sister. We found a rabbit wandering around the neighborhood so we adopted it for a few days until my little sister walked into the backyard one day to find her new pet rabbit decapitated by the neighbors cat.

It is one thing for a child to be introduced to death it is quite another to be introduced to murder.

At least the fish died of natural causes.

Anonymous said...

eww. Man o Steel. Thanks for that seared mental picture in the brain, too.