Friday, June 13, 2008

Last night I dreamed that Mr. Rogers was yelling at me

He said something about not acknowledging emotions. And then he turned into a scorpion and had a big army of spiders start jumping at me.


bff said...

This is the best freakin dream you have ever, ever had. EV-er. It was totally him, in real life. He'd know about emotions and why you shouldn't bottle them. And then the real one would go away so the emotions could make themselves look scarier than they really need to be and attack you and hurt you.

"Hug your demons or they will bite you in the ass."

So. Very. True.

k said...

the best *ever*? Really? Cause I've had some rockers. The funny part I forgot to mention, though, was that *during* the dream I thought it was so strange that Mr. Rogers was yelling at me that I tried to blog about it. I think that might have been when the scorpions came in, because I couldn't get to my computer or something.

c jane said...

Who was more scary Mr. Rogers or the scorpion???