Monday, June 16, 2008

Sometimes People Just aren't RUDE enough

All day long I've been a seething cesspool of rage. I've been waiting and waiting for someone to be rude/mean/stupid/etc. so that I could just explode and yell at them. I kept imagining their shocked faces as I bellowed insults and "exCUse me!"'s and created colorful new expletives.

But today everyone has been *nice.* All friggin day long.

So instead of getting to YELL at people, I had to SMILE at them. I even had to LAUGH at their jokes. (Because they were funny, after all.) They weren't even the fake kind of nice. They were all genuine and interesting and I didn't get to scream at a SINGLE PERSON.

*&^% friendliness.

1 comment:

Idalia said...

Wah! I want to be at the nice convention! Have a good week surrounded by creative happy people. I am there in spirit, sneakin a cola when nobody is looking....