Saturday, June 28, 2008

This lady in Manchester told me that I looked (and I'm not entirely clear as to whether or not this is a swear word in Manchester) "sh*t hot"

I'm in Wales this week and whenever I go to the UK, I always stop at my favorite store.

So when I was trying on clothes and the Manchester lady said that, I thought it was probably a fantastic compliment.

But then I was telling my husband about it and he said, "But didn't you say you were all pale because you had stomach flu?"

me: "uh... yeah."

husband: "And didn't you say that your eyes were all sunk in and dark because you were jet-lagged AND dehydrated?"

me: "uh... yeah."

husband: "And don't you have a long history of misunderstanding things British people say to you?"

me: "uh... yeah."

husband: "So, are you *sure* that when she said you looked 'sh*t hot' she didn't mean that you looked like a steaming pile of sh*t?"

uh... no.

husband: "Because it just seems very strange to me that being compared to excrement could be a *good* thing."

yeah. me, too. sigh.


Reid said...

Good story, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to dock you five points for an unnecessary visual aid.


Anonymous said...


compulsive writer said...

My son is leaving for the England Manchester Mission in just under two months. It's good to have an inside look at the local lexicon.

Mark- TCM said...

Just like Obi-Wan Kenobi says, trust your instincts. You were correct with your interpretation! I'm not sure if sh*t hot is just a UK expression - a bit of googling might be fruitful.

As you're over here too did you and Z work out your travel plans together?! Are you meeting up at some point? As she's on the hunt for King Arthur (I think!) I figured she might be heading into Wales as there are some historical connections over there (perhaps even in Bangor!!!)

Audra said...

Nice picture. THANKS.

Daniel said...

Yup, apparently sh*t hot is a good thing in England.