Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hidden YA Sexism of the Day!

Been reading a truck load of YA books for my marketing research. One of the books that I identified as having sold more copies than it should have had the following (paraphrased) exchange:

kid-who-asks-dumb-questions-just-to-forward-plot: "Do you really think that the tale of Arthur is true?"

supposed-to-be-wise-old-man-but-is-really-just-a-pompous-a$$: "Well, I don't think *all* of the tales are true. I seriously doubt there was ever a lady of the lake, for example. But Excalibur? I believe in Excalibur."

Um... Because a magical woman is SO much more unlikely than a magical phallic symbol that gives magical power?!

Dude. Just DUDE.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on.

Anonymous said...

That exchange sounds familiar. But is it because I've read the book, or because the exchange is a complete cliché?

Penelope said...

I'm with ya K . . .