Monday, August 18, 2008

Sam has come up with the solution to overpopulation

Sam has five aunties. (Kate, Miss Provo, Michelle, Barb, and Cat.) Only one of these aunties has any kids of her own and Sam, frankly, likes the auntieriffic attention. Today Sam and I were discussing the fact that someday his aunties might actually want to have babies of their own, like Auntie Kate.

Says Sam: "But Mommy, can't you tell them?" [he looked distressed AND sincere as he said this] "They don't need to have their *own* babies."

Me: "Why not?"

Sam: "Because, Mommy. Instead of them having their own babies, we can just give them *Lily.*"


Audra said...

Hah! Gotta love the sibling love.

Hey - do we get to see more wedding photos - or can you email those to me?

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Oh silly boy! Or is this is evil master plan to get rid of Lily once and for all??