Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things Students will do for Paper Extensions

Recite the Young Women's theme (from memory!). While holding cookies.

Wear a "High School Musical" tattoo on their cheek. For a week.

Wear PJ's to school and tell us all a bedtime story. About the most embarrassing thing they've ever done!

wear all of their clothes backwards and bake us all a cake shaped like a castle.

tell every single person who looks him in the eyes: "I just love you..." [note how he won't look at my camera? I'm hurt.]

drag around a pet shoe all day

more coming soon, I'm sure...


Audra said...

My favorite is the first one.

Kathy said...

if you have time to bake a fancy cake, or sit in front of a statue, shouldn't you have time to actually turn your paper in on time???

nicole said...

This is hilarious... and makes me sooo excited to be a professor.

Tirzah said...

I love "things students will do..." posts! It almost makes me want to take your class...almost! I don't want to go there again for a while!

Trisha said...

I'm w/ Kathy, if they have all this time to knit or bake a cake or put their hair in braids, shouldn't they just be doing their papers???? It is pretty funny though.