Monday, January 05, 2009

Evening Conversation: Gifted with the Fluids

Sam: "Oh, Mommy! Oh, Mommy! You'll never guess WHAT!"

me: "What, baby, what?"

Sam: "I went pee and poop at the SAME TIME!"

me: "Omigosh! That takes AMAZING coordination!"

Sam: "I know!! I'm really so capable."

me: "Yes, indeed you are!"

Sam: "I wonder if I could go poo and diarrhea at the same time?"

me: "Well, we don't want to push it..." [no pun intended]


me: "OMIGOSH! What?!"

Sam: "My poop is SHAPED LIKE A GUN!"

me: "Oh, wow. Your talent is overWHELming!"

Sam: [huge maniacal laugh] "I KNOW!!"


Anonymous said...

I love it! The "capable" comment is awesome!

Fiona said...

Little boys will always find guns. There is no point in trying to take them away from them. They even find them in their poop.

joelandnatalie said...

Kerry, thanks so much for commenting! I didn't know you knew I read you, I'm a total lurker.

And since we're sharing... once my little boy did both jobs at the same time, only he was STANDING at the toilet. His excuse? "Mama, I thought it was only a toot!" Of course, the rest of the family thought it was hilarious!