Friday, January 09, 2009


This is STEVE. I hijacked Kerry's blog to tell all you who live in Utah to come to a birthday party-- that's two nights long! It's this Saturday and Sunday from like 4ish to 10ish each night, and it's come whenever you can. We'll do the candles over and over every 1/2 hour or so-- the kids will love it and you won't miss anything!

And I am trying to keep Kerry off of her laptop, so come and surprise her...

No gifts, or only hand-me-downs or gag gifts if you must. Bring bread or snacks or drinks, or just show up, we're having home-made soup and/or stew and/or chili, and bread and cake and ice cream.

Call me with questions. Post if you want to come and don't know my number. Thanks!

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Audra said...

Happy Birthday. I hear you left the 20's behind. Ah! Good times. Now, you can be an adult. Oh. You didn't know. Sorry. Time to grow up.

Wish I could crash your party. Give me details, please.