Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm going to blame the plot; not my own listlessness/loneliness/laziness/etc.

This book

took me three friggin days to read. making me SIX books behind my dissertation schedule.


rant: there is no plot.

rave: the protagonist was so funny that I really did laugh off at least one butt cheek.

rant: but why does every friggin single book I read have to have long, long sections about boners?! If I WANTED to know about erections, then I'd go get a medical book or something! Isn't forcing your readers (likely girls since the book is PINK)to read about boners like forcing boys to read about periods?! (Feel free to discuss.)


T. Anne said...

eww, thanks for the warning! I usually gravitate towards pink covers!

Youngblood4ever said...

So, I am totally far behind in reading this post, but that is HILARIOUS! Is it one you would recommend? Is the section on the boner a necessary part to read or can I just rip it out of the book?

Kerry said...

the boners make up the last half of the book. it got kind of exhausting.

Swanky Mommy said...

Where's the post on your dissertation topic? I love your book reports, but I am realizing I so suck at keeping in touch. Maybe that's why I'm borderline depressed. Hooray spring!

Kerry said...

yes, keeping in touch totally helps with the borderline depression thing. although, I'm prettymuch borderline depressed ALL the time. Oh, well. I don't know if I ever fully explained my diss topic--just that I have to read a gazillion books.

my stats have totally dropped since I started doing the book reports thing, though! So maybe you're the only one who likes them...