Thursday, March 26, 2009

Morning Conversation: My Prolix and/or Pleonastic Progeny

Lily: "Mommy!"

Sam: "Incoming!!"

[they jump on me in bed]

me: "Oh, hey, babies."

[they snuggle]

Lily: "Aw. I wub you. You, too, Sam."

Sam: "Look at us. All three of us. We're a nefarious trio."

me: "Nefarious trio?!"

Lily: "YEAH!!"

Sam: "Ooo. Can I have that empty bucket?" [he points to said empty bucket. it's the size of a sippy cup.]

me: "You're holding an empty cup. it's, like, the same thing."

Sam: "Yes, but, the cup isn't nearly as *practical.*"

me: "So now you're practical AND nefarious?"

Sam: "Yes."

me: "Well, I can't argue with that." [I hand him the bucket.]


karen said...

I would totally expect a son of yours to be nefarious, wouldn't you? It adds much character.

SpAz said...

Eeeeeee I just found out our favorite editor in history is totally coming to WIFYR this year! *squeals*

Steve said...

I think his video games or maybe comic book animated shows have a nefarious trio. TV doesn't rot your brain-- it gives you vocab words!

ann cannon said...

Babies DO blow your mind! I love yours even though I've never met them.

Swanky Mommy said...

How many times do you use the work nefarious in a day?