Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sam makes a prophecy

Lily: [explaining to me why her stuffed monkey should be able to go to bed in her place.]

me: [ignoring her.]

Sam: [lying on the floor by Steve's side of the bed, out of sight.][speaking in a low, booming voice.] "Kerry, Kerry. This is Heavenly Father."

me: "Huh, what?"

Sam: [still talking in the low voice] "This is Heavenly Father talking and I'd like to give you a message."

me: "Okay. What's your message?"

Sam: "behold! the holy ghost will come down! and it will say, 'listen to your daughter!'"

me: "Fascinating."

Sam: "Also, Sam would like a TV in his own room."

me: "Also fascinating."

Sam: "Yes. He tells me it would make it much easier to watch his own shows that way."

me: "Noted."


Katy said...

your blog cracks me up. my husband is in the hospital and I have been reading around for some escapism. I can always count of a well transcribed sam conversation to give me what I need. thanks-your fan, Katy

Kathy said...

that's awesome! Can't wait to see your cutie pies! And aunty kathy says sam should have a tv in his room too.

Kerry said...

I hope your husband is OK! Glad you like Sam. He's cracking me up a lot lately, too. (I think he might be starting to do it on purpose. ;-)

Barb @ getupandplay said...

He is on a roll lately!

Kerry said...

yeah, like I said, I think he's starting to do it on purpose. he likes to make us laugh. (he's good at it, too!)

Louise Plummer said...

Hilarious. Did he get a tv in his room?

Kerry said...

we're trying to get him to forget about the whole TV thing. Where would it go?!