Friday, August 28, 2009

Miss Provo has commandeered my house

so y'all are invited over, too.

celebrate the end of the summer by taking over the world and stuff.

RISK party night.
bring food, any fancy RISK games you have (we have one, I think, but if you have one with Yoda on it or something, Steve might squeal like a girl), and come party.

sunday, august 30, 5:00PM

ps: if you need directions, email me kerryspencer at byu dot edu.


Catherine said...

oh man! If I didn't live across the world I would TOTALLY be there. I love games. I loves being with family while playing games. We need to play games when I come to town in a few weeks! Pretty please...

Kristin said...

Time change to party=first we're going to meet at Jordan's mom's house to play a few rounds of 'Spit' it's just like Nertz. And then we'll head over to your house!