Tuesday, September 01, 2009

someone signed me into google chat and wrote in my status section "lifetime but no real time."

1) I don't chat. Chat freaks me out *almost* as much as the phone
2) then who the *&^% was it that signed me in that way?
3) cuz usually when I ambitype (type under the influence of ambien) I at least stay true to my personal phobias and at least sort of sound like myself
4) and "lifetime but no real time" doesn't sound like me so much
5) except it's sort of starting to in a really vague and fuzzy way
6) geez


Ariel said...


Louise Plummer said...

Kerry, first you get into bed. Then you take the Ambien. Then you turn off the light and you lay your head on the pillow and go to sleep.

Don't make me come to your house.

Kerry said...

the real problem is that I store my laptop under my bed.