Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Morning Compliment

Lily: "Morning Mommy."

Me: "Morning, Baby."

Lily: "Huh."

Me: "I said 'morning, baby.'"

Lily: "No. I mean your boobs."

Me: "They're under my nightgown."

Lily: "They're UP."

Me: "Hallelujah."

Lily: "Up is better than down."

Me: "Okay."


Louise Plummer said...

See, we know this from the beginning: up is better than down.

Trisha said...

Haha! Funny little girl!

Natasha said...

That's hilarious. The other day my Lulu told me my "boobas" were "sloppy". Frankly, they're too small to be sloppy but whatever.

Also, I replied to your comment on my blog, saying this:

Oh, I hear ya. I wasn't so crazy about that either, particularly the way Oprah said it. Besides, that doesn't work for long and Oprah should know that. The secret to being happy isn't to think of people who are worse off than you. There's always someone better off too. What a rollercoaster if that was how to find happiness.

Your total pet peeve is something I brought up in a Relief Society class at church in Wales. I made the same point as you because it bugs me too.