Monday, November 09, 2009

5yo Brand Awareness: Mass Media Style

Sam: "Hey, Mommy, I'm watching this great show."

me: "Which one?"

Sam: "Something with dinosaurs."

me: "Oh. Is it good?"

Sam: "It is definitely not evil."

me: [laugh]

Sam: "You can tell because it's on PBS Kids."

me: "So PBS isn't evil?"

Sam: "PBS *Kids* isn't evil."

Steve: [perks up][he's a marketer. for TV stuff.][not coincidentally, he used to work for PBS.] "So what about the other networks? What about Nickelodeon?"

Sam: "Evil."

Steve: "Disney?"

Sam: "Sometimes evil. Sometimes not. Disney movies are definitely evil."

Steve: "Cartoon Network?

Sam: "Can be evil."

Steve: "But PBS is never evil?"

Sam: "PBS *Kids.*"

Steve: "PBS Kids is never evil?"

Sam: "Well," [points to a promo that has just begun] "these things are sometimes evil. But PBS Kids is usually good."


Barb @ getupandplay said...

What a darling, strange little man.

Ann said...

I call Sam master.

whirligigdaisy said...

I have not been here in a while. And boy, I forgot how funny it was, to come here. Always entertaining. Always.