Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Things students will do for paper extensions

Watch the new Twilight movie. Then write a poem about their experience. Then read it to the class:

This very plain girl, Isabella,
is somehow winning every fella.
And all of them she has refused,
it makes me just a bit confused.

Then comes vampires in slow motion,
and like some freakin’ weird love potion,
our little Swan is sudden smitten
even though she’s not yet been bitten.

There’s a terrible lack of chemistry,
and lots of ‘awkward’ for all to see.
The dialogue makes me want to cry,
I cling to hope while the movie rolls by.

The sparkling bit just makes me sick,
and Edward thinks he’s oh-so-slick.
I’m not sure what it is I’m seeing,
but I do know just how strange they’re being.

Of course the girl becomes blood-bait,
and her killer doesn’t want to wait,
but Super Edward saves the day!
Geez, this movie’s so cliché.

This movie deceives us at first glance;
it’s full of trash and bad romance.
This girl just dreams of sucking blood!
I can’t believe this sickening crud.

I guess I’ve made my opinion clear,
so now I’ll be signing out of here.
I’m going to go read an actual BOOK,
and throw this trash in a fire to cook.

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Katie said...

Good thing they didn't see New Moon. It was worse. So much worse. I have never wanted to walk out of a theater so much in my life.