Friday, March 19, 2010

here's the thing about this whole writing marathon thing:

like 80% of what I do when I "write" is revise.

but those aren't the rules of this marathon.

we're supposed to see who can write the most *new* words during the marathon.

and I don't write like that normally.

normally I write one scene. then I work on revising. the next day I write another scene. then I work on revising. the next day I might write two scenes. but then I revise some more.

and I *think.*

I drive around and mull over the plot. I just think about this character or that character while I'm doing stuff until magically I get an idea for *one scene.* then I write down the *one scene* and, yanno, revise some more.

this sitting in a chair and just writing newstuff newstuff newstuff one scene after the other...

it feels like I'm digging it straight out of my bone marrow (with an ice-cream scoop). like there is nothing left to dig out without breaking a femur or something.

do real people write like this?!


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whirligigdaisy said...

I don't write like this. And I'm not writing like this for the marathon, either. I'm writing notes, then I'm writing the scene, then I subtract the note word count from the scene word count (i.e. the words that might actually make the final count). So I'm still writing and revising and not setting such a high word count goal to begin with. Because, I have kids and a husband with a 3 day weekend right during the marathon and I worked all day Thursday. So really, lower expectation. I find that works for me. But you go girl!