Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sam: getting amped up for his first attendance at the increasingly gender-neutral ritual of the baby shower

Sam: "I'm just so excited about this baby shower tonight."

me: "You are? Really?"

Sam: "See, a 'shower' is another word for 'celebration,' and I am all about celebration."

me: "Interesting. When I was your age, I thought a baby shower was a cult-like phenomenon wherein the lights would be turned off and everyone would get in the bathtub with a baby."

Sam: "A better word would really be 'party.' That's what a real celebration is in English, you know. A party."

me: "So you're not upset because you'll probably be the only boy there?"

Sam: [laughs] "You know me, Mommy. I am a real ladies man."

me: "A ladies man?"

Sam: "It's true! Listen, 'Helllooooooo Ladies!'"

me: "OMG. Did Uncle Bubba teach you that?"

Sam: "TV."

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