Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hurricane Lily Strikes. Again.

Last night our cable went out.

Totally out.

No internet. No phone. No TV. Nothing.

Let me tell you, losing that stuff was like losing part of my *brain.* It's amazing how technology gets so integrated into the way you think, right?

But it wasn't so bad. Sam and I had a long talk about what "metaphor" meant and what heaven is like and just how many angels are around us how often. Meanwhile, Lily and Steve discussed the complexities of childbirth. Lily's Aunt Cat is having a baby soon and Lily is upset by the... logistics. She wants to know how it all works and she can't quite grasp our explanations. But she keeps asking question after question after question. Good times.

Steve works for the cable company, so we don't really like when we have cable problems. The first thing anyone ever says to us when they find out where Steve works is, "OMG, my cable has been giving me nightmares!" as if Steve is somehow personally responsible for them.

So we don't like when we have problems, too.

We checked everything we could think of. We checked the modem. We checked the outside connection. We checked each TV and the wireless router. We got nothing.

So we called the cable company and they said they'd send a tech out today, sometime between 11 and 2.

The tech showed up at one. He checked the modem. He checked the outside wiring. All of those were fine. So he went into the basement to check the signal amplifier.

Which he found.

Ripped out of the wall.

And surrounded by Trix cereal.

Lily is the only one in our house who eats Trix cereal. Lily is the only one who randomly goes in the basement. (Lily goes wherever she wants, actually. Including into the middle of the street.)

So our guess?

is that the same person responsible for this

and this

is the one who ripped the amplifying cable directly out of the wall.

Can I explain why?


But, yanno, next time you have cable troubles, ask yourself if Lily has been to your house lately. Because it might not be Steve's fault after all.


Catherine said...

Ha ha ha! love that Lily.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

That kid is so funny. One day she'll grow out of the phase where everyone (justly earned) assumes that she's the source of all destruction and chaos near her.