Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning Discovery: The Power of Johnny Test (and also, a little burgeoning chauvinism)

me: [stumble into the living room after waking up bleary eyed. try to sit down on the couch. step in something. something wet. look down. see this:]

me: "OMG, did I just step in pee?"

Sam: "Yup."


Sam: [shrugs] "Lily."

me: "OMG, why is Lily peeing on the carpet."

Sam: "Well, we were watching Johnny Test and Lily didn't want to leave to go to the bathroom. So she got out her little toilet. But there was a problem."

me: "And the pee spilled all over the carpet?!"

Sam: "Yup."

me: "OMG, gross, gross, gross, gross!" [get up and go get the stuff to clean it up. start cleaning.]

Sam: [watching me scrub the carpet] "You know what, Mom? This. Right now. You are doing the hardest job a woman could ever do."

me: "What about a man?"

Sam: "Naw. A man could take it."


Barb @ getupandplay said...


Trisha said...

That's just nasty. But at least she brought the toilet and didn't just wet herself. Not a fun way to start the day!

Sarah said...

Shows what Sam knows! I've stepped in pee, been pooped on, thrown up on, spit up on, bled on, wiped noses with my bare hands and compared to Dan...well, let's just say when he takes that stuff like a "man" he doesn't take it too well at all. A man could handle it? Please... :)