Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surreal Morning Conversation

Lily: "Omigosh I really love this lint brush! It's so fun to clean the house!"

Sam: "I know, right?! I keep folding these towels and it's SO FUN. I just want to do more and more of it."

Lily: "I got to fold two baskets of towels."

Sam: "Lucky. But I am luckier because I scrubbed the bathtub."

Lily: "No fair!"

Sam: "Tomorrow, I am going to start doing ten chores EVERY DAY."

Lily: "I'm going to do TWELVE!"


Audra said...

What alien came and abducted your kids?

Tersa said...


Louise Plummer said...

You're writing fantasy, right? Otherwise this really is creepy. Are they on drugs?

MaJaTo said...

What's the secret. My boys blend in to the sofa when chores are mentioned!