Monday, September 05, 2005

In case the full meaning of that last post was lost on you

I am pregnant.

They told us that there was a 0% chance of us ever conceiving a baby naturally.

My other baby is only 18 months old.

Curses on fertility specialists everywhere.


Ashis Kumar said...

Some Xception give us much needed delight....

I wish Such exception for every one!

heidi said...

Oh my goodness Kerry!!!!!!!!! I didn't know if you still wrote on this. I'm glad I looked. Wow. So how far along are you? Maybe Sam needs a small child to keep him entertained?

She doesn't have your good reason, but Cat's prego again too. Her TWIN boys will be 15 months when she delivers her 4th child. Yeah. I'm pretty much doubling-up from now on.

k said...

hey heidi. I haven't written for a butt long time. This was due mainly to the fact that we just moved and Sam is getting over pneumonia. Anyway, how are you?

I have no idea how far along I am. I don't remember my last period. I don't remember having sex. Nothing. I've been nauseated for about 4 weeks, putting my best guess at somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks pregnant.

Cat's having another baby? Wow. I'm considering drastic measures to ensure that this next baby is my last. I would have never thought it about myself, but I'm not really the mothering type. Plus I really, really, hate being pregnant.