Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nesting much?

Here's a list of stuff I've done in the last week:

1) filed my taxes early in case I give birth too close to April 15
2) cleaned out my two cars
3) sent my crib out to be re-painted
4) spent $600 at Baby's R Us on diapers, formula, and baby Ibuprofin
5) became obsessed with sconces and spent an hour at Pier 1 agonizing over which sconce should be hung in my living room
6) actually cooked a meal. twice.
7) did 17 loads of laundry
8) moved the baby's dresser across my bedroom
9) arranged the baby's changing table
10) packed two diaper bags full of newborn diapers and wipes.
11) went on a scavenger hunt for nightgowns, which are, apparetnly, gauche these days.
12) flew to CA for said nightgowns. finally found two at the Carter's Outlet in Vacaville, CA.
13) was then slightly mortified when my mother in law showed up with 6 nightgowns that she found right here at TJ Max, SLC
14) set Roomba out three times to vacuum and re-vacuum my carpet
15) cleaned up my baby boy's room
16) started cleaning out the garage
17) couldn't sit still at church because I desperately wanted to finish cleaning out the garage
18) then had an emotional breakdown because when I finally got home from church I was too tired to clean out the garage
19) became obsessed with finding the right pot/plant combination to go over my fireplace
20) designed and then sewed a new bedspread for my bed
21) laid out the fabric to sew matching pillows

And, oh, I could go on.


heidi said...

How do you do all of this with a 2-year-old? Nesting works. I didn't realize how close you were to having your baby. A girl! Eeeeeeeee! How exciting. By the way, stupid question, but are you back in your house?

k said...

I have a kid? Oh, shoot . . .

k said...

I'm not back at the Canyon Road house, no. Steve has this pathological problem called "if I don't live less than 15 minutes away from my work I can't come home EVER because I might need to come back." So now we live in West Jordan--12 minutes away from his job at Comcast. The Canyon Road apartment would be a little small for all of us anyway. Our house here has three bedrooms and two whole bathrooms. Woo hoo! You guys still in Sugarhouse?

heidi said...

Yeah, we're in Sugarhouse, but G's looking for a new job and it won't be in Utah, which is exciting. Our plan is to live somewhere else for a few years and then move back and hopefully build a house somewhere. We'd love to live in the avenues, but the selection is slim and pricey.

I love to read your new posts. You're way better than that Newbury award girl.

When are you due?

k said...

I'm due in 7 weeks. May 7. Although, I've been having a freakish number of contractions lately. Very bad, especially considering that I don't have maternity coverage until April 15th. My mom gave me a bottle of brandy I'm supposed to drink if I'm having early labor. I've almost done it a few times, but I'm afraid.

That will be exciting to move away somewhere. We were hoping to move somewhere when Steve got done with his MBA. It's kind of funny, actually, because almost everyone in his MBA program was desperate to stay in Utah and we were fairly desperate to get out. There are very, very few MBA jobs in Utah and the fact that Steve got one of them annoys all the people headed to Omaha and Detroit. (We got another offer in Minnesota, but we didn't take it. Minnesota was fine, but the job wasn't as good as the one he got here--which is basically his dream job.) I'd like to go back to CA in the next few years, though, and live near my family for a change. Any idea where you'll be trying to go?

We should get together sometime. Either before you move or before I give birth.

(Have I mentioned I hate being pregnant?)

Thanks for liking my posts. I've been wanting to post a few new ones, but keep getting these evil migraines right when I'm about to do it. Maybe the universe doesn't want you to know about the fact that my toilet just got cleaned for the first time in seven months . . . :-)