Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When is a hint a hint?

I've had a lunch scheduled with a friend every Thursday for the last five weeks. Every Thursday I show up and she doesn't. She usually then calls with frantic excuses and reschedules. This has happened five times in a row. Is she trying to tell me something? Or is she just a flake? How can you tell?


heidi said...

That brought some way crappy memories of my mission when this awesome family we met with once acted way excited to meet with us again, but then every time we scheduled another appointment they either wouldn't be there, or they'd make up an excuse for us to come next week. It also happened 5 times. On the last time, my companion who was homesick and HATED almost eveything about Venezuela, completely lost it. She started screaming/crying and threw her backpack in the street. OOOOOhhhhhhh. Just not a good day.

I would be so bugged if someone did that to me now. It's not easy to go anywhere with a small child.

Anonymous said...

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