Saturday, April 22, 2006

Anyone have a trampoline?

We just got maternity coverage so I can go in to labor any time I want! Except, if that were entirely true, I would have had this baby last week because I seriously WANT to get her the heck out of me. She wants to get out, too. Every day she tries to claw her way out with her bare hands. Guess she's about as fed up and cranky as I am.

With my last pregnancy now was about the time when I started to get seriously crazy. I kept trying to run away to Wendover and having to turn back because I'd start having contractions in the middle of nowhere. Of course, by the time I got back to Salt Lake the contractions would have stopped and I'd just go to Barnes and Noble. I'd drink hot chocolate, read books, and ignore any and all frantic calls from my husband and/or mother in law. I had a lot of rage.

I'm not nearly as interesting this time, though. I just yell at people. I did throw up last Tuesday. But that's just gross, not interesting.

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