Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mommy is so proud moment number 687

My two year old's aunt took away his juice box because he was squirting it all over the car and he was pissed. He yelled at her and shook his finger at her. Finally he just held his breath for a second and then yelled, clear as ever, "SH*T!!!!"

And then when we couldn't stop laughing he just said it over and over and over, which wasn't great, either.

I'm not sure who taught him that particular word. Even though I do swear (a little too much) that doesn't happen to be one of my words. Unless I don't know myself as well as I thought. Hmm . . .


heidi said...

That's classic. Mia told her uncle to "get bent" last night, which was funny, but no surprise, since Gary's been prepping her for months.

k said...

Ha! I love it. Get bent. I'm going to teach Sam that one. We managed to redirect his "sh*t"s into "shoots." Not as funny, but less embarassing.