Monday, November 13, 2006

The Palace

Or, the "goddess palace" and my best friend and I call it, is FINISHED! And it's beautiful. Just really beautiful.

What it is: a tuff shed that we insulated, dry walled, and wired with electricity. And when I say "we" I mean my best friend. She did all the work. I just sat there watching her most of the time. Fractured spine and all. Oh, and I hired an electrician. My best friend wanted to do the electricity herself, but she is frankly a crazy person.

Why we built it: Ever hear of the whole "room of one's own" concept? That's what this is. Only it's a shed. It's a beautiful (and I do mean beautiful) place where no babies are allowed. There are bookshelves, a fridge, a microwave, a loft with a bed, a lazy-boy, a 10-ft. long desk, and some other stuff. The first time I stood alone in it after it was finished I started crying.

And it was SO FUN to build. Seriously. You wouldn't think that dropping a small fortune on dry wall and nails and staple guns would be fun, but it was really, really fun. It reminded me of when I was in third grade and my friend Tiffany and I would secretly play Barbies together. We knew we were supposed to be too old for Barbies, and we knew we couldn't *tell* anyone that we did it, but we did it anyway.


Darlene said...

Lucky you! I am so envious!

I have a corner of my (very large) bedroom dedicated to my writing, and hubby is very nice about giving me time to work there. But the earplugs don't keep out the wailing on the other side of the door . . . it's not the same.

queen serene said...

I WANT ONE. The queen deserves a palace.

Maralise said...

I am so jealous. How can I manage pulling that off? I'll have to think. Hard.

Anonymous said...

Kerry talks big, but she lets the babies groove in the room, too, and they love it!
Love you and love telling on you,