Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yes, I have a fractured spine

At least, two doctors said I did. One told me I had a broken vertebrae and then went to the hallway to confirm with his doctor friend who also thought it was broken. But there was this one radiologist who disagreed and said it could be something else (because no one thought to take pictures--they thought my back pain would magically go away!-- until, like, months after the accident, so things change after months and things that look like they might be fractures can apparently be confused with I dunno what). I don't know what they wrote in my medical file. But they all agreed that my spine is messed up. I think he was saying I have a ruptured disk, a herniated disk, a torn disk, and an assortment of ripped ligaments all along the cortical, thorassic, and lumbar spine. Something medical and horrifying like that. It's that drunk dude's fault who hit us in that really bad car accident just after my baby was born. I actually got subpeonaed for the first time, by the way. Pretty exciting. I'm a witness for the prosecution in a criminal jury trial. It's almost like I'm the star of my very own TV show! I can't decide what to wear... :-)

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