Friday, December 29, 2006

The awesome thing about having a fractured spine

is that my insurance company is paying for me to have a nanny. Every day for three hours a day. For a YEAR!!!!

I cannot describe the vast surges of joy this causes me. Or how much I love my insurance company. Geico-oh-geico let me write a poem for thee . . . Or maybe just say that you're AWESOME.

[post edit: actually Geico lied about the nanny. and they SUCK.]

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ho Ho Hoax

So, Santa, of course, showed up at our house.

I'd been trying for weeks to build up my two-year old. We talked about Santa, we talked about Christmas. My husband didn't like to talk about Santa because he felt like a big, fat fraud. I never felt like a fraud, though. I'm all about the metaphors and Santa freaking rocks.

Well, when Christmas morning came and I led my little boy out to see the Christmas tree I said, "Oh, look! Did Santa bring you presents?"

My two year old looked at me, all confused, then looked at his dad. "No," he concluded. "Mommy did."


But--maybe to make up for it--today when he was crying I said, "Kido, I love you so much. Do you know I love you? And lots of other people love you, too. Do you know who else loves you?"

I paused and my two year old answered, "I know! Santa . . . Santa Claus. He wubs me."

Long live the metaphors!