Thursday, January 25, 2007

The best day ever!


1) I awoke at 7 AM to discover that my baby had FINALLY slept through the night
2) my pants were WAY too big. Embarassingly too big. I'm never going to be able to wear them again they're so big.
3) I got an email from an actually respectable agent about how much she loved my book.
4) I got an email from a professor at the University of Wales going on about how my writing was so "original" and "fluid" and "enjoyable" and how he really wanted me to apply to their PhD program.
5) My colleauge pulled me aside in the hallway to tell me that TONS of my students had won awards in the annual Hon 150 contest.
6) AND BOTH of my kids are napping right now! At the same time! That NEVER happens!

Can this day get any better?


heidi said...

I'm totally jealous of your writing skills. That's awesome that your baby slept through the night. We have a baby coming in a month and Mia has decided to start waking up twice a night again. Looking forward to hell in a month.

k said...

Sam still has night after night when he wakes up screaming about monsters or whatever. It's totally killer when they wake EACH OTHER up. I can't believe that you're due in just a month! Oh my gosh that is fast. I'm sure it's NOT fast for you, but wow. If you feel up to doing something before the munchin, we'd love to have you over for dinner. If not, no worries. The end of pregnancy is totally hellish itself. And you're right, those first months with the two kidos just totally kick your trash. I got completely psychotic again after Lily. Once I snuck out of the master bedroom window/door thing and walked a mile to Target without telling anyone. I just sat there in the sports department and cried. They did eventually find me, which is sort of reassuring, I guess. Hang in there!