Monday, January 29, 2007

Guess who got a call from New York!

I admit, I always wondered what it would be like to see that 212 area code on my caller ID.

Well, now I know that it rocks. Because on the other end of the phone you get to hear this unexpectedly nice sounding agent go on and on about how much she loved your book and how, even though you must be SO swamped with offers of representation (HA!), she really wants to convince you to let her represent the book because it's so freaking awesome. (That was a bit of a paraphrase, obviously :-)

I only sent her the book on WEDNESDAY, by the way. She emailed me the very next day to say that she was loving it and would finish it by the end of the weekend and call me right away, which she did. I confess, when I saw that email I was CONVINCED she must be a scam artist, so I spent a few hours online checking her out. Turns out not only is she legit, but just about everyone out there *loves* her. I was totally shocked. (About the getting contacted by a non-scam artist thing, not that everyone out there would love someone!)

Good times, ya'll!


Darlene said...

Congratulations, Kerry! What's your book about? I'm consumed with envy.

k said...

Hi Darlene! Don't be consumed with envy. I've been trying to publish a book for TEN YEARS. That's a full DECADE of depression and despair and hard work and other people's criticism and hundreds of rejections. And I haven't even published a freaking book yet! (I'm just starting to realize that even the lives of succesful authors kind of suck.)

Anyway, my book is called "Secrets of the Mami Wata." It has a voodoo priestess, a cult master, and a lot of chocolate. I happen to like it a lot, but I'm kind of biased. :-)

heidi said...

Voodoo priestess, a cult master and a lot of chocolate? I'm intriguied. (Did I just spell that wrong? It's late) Congratulations Kerri, that is so great!