Monday, May 07, 2007

Sam's Preschool Follow Up

So . . . all did not go as splendidly as one would hope. When I got there to pick up Sam, his eyes were red and puffy. I said, "Did you like school?"

He said, "Yes. But I cried and cried. Like this . . ." And then he folded himself over and gave me a hilarious rendering of wracking sobs. (His teachers confirmed that this re-enactment was, in fact, based on truth.)

I asked, "Why'd you cry, honey?"

He said, "Because I missed my mommy so much."

Kind of breaks my heart. Poor kid.


Barb said...

So sweet and sad! He's going to love it soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Don't even get me started! Three days a week for two hours at a time for a three-year-old. That's grandma's limit. :( Mean mom.
But love you.

k said...

Don't *YOU* get me started, woman!