Sunday, August 26, 2007


So, I'm sure most of you are familiar with these uber-huge, like three-stories tall play places at McDonald's. Right? Well, yesterday morning, we were eating breakfast at McDonald's. Sam was running around and playing, and Lily was climbing up and down these little stairs and hanging out in a little slide. But then I turned my back for like three seconds and Lily was gone. I was trying to find her (not really panicked yet, because I would have seen her if she'd left the play area), calling her name and such. Then this voice comes from the sky: "Hi Mama!"

I look up, totally confused. But there was Lily. She had climbed UP the slide and then made her way to the TOP of the three-story play thing. I started laughing because she OBVIOUSLY doesn't know that she's a BABY. (Remind you of anything, Mom?)

After awhile, she decided she'd had enough of her sky-perch and she walked herself over to the HUGE twisty slide and slid those three stories down to the ground. Then she jumped off the slide as if this was the sort of thing that 15-month olds do ALL the time.


This is a picture of Sam and Lily (in the background) in the bird perch at the top, top, top of the play place.


Kimberly said...

Your Lily and my Becca are kindred spirits for certain!

mom said...

Yes, someone I know arguing that "I'm NOT a baby" at 18 months, when she had to come in to go to bed (9 pm), but insisting she should be able to play with the big kids on warm Texas summer evenings.