Sunday, September 09, 2007

The annoying thing about having stomach flu

is that everyone asks you, "are you sure you're not pregnant?"

and when you say, "yeah, I'm sure," they just give you a funny look and say, "but are you really sure?"

and then you have to explain to them that while stomach flu feels exactly the same as pregnancy, pregnancy only causes massive amounts of vomit, not full on bowel explosions of the other kind.

and then people look at you funny because you were just talking about the subtle difference between vomit-flu and diarrhea flu?

and then you freak out inside because are you really sure that pregnancy doesn't cause diarrhea? Like, really, really sure? and you look around all frantic for someone to ask.

and then you go to the dollar store to buy a pregnancy test because you're too cheap to buy a real one. but when it's negative, you freak out again because, I mean, you only paid a dollar for it! how can you be sure it's accurate?!

that is the annoying thing about having stomach flu.


Kimberly said...

Umm...that's really weird. Because the exact same thing happened to me this Spring.

Reid said...

When they ask, just throw up on them. That may not settle the matter, but it'll certainly give them something else to do other than ask stupid questions.

Tonya said...

Stomach bugs are the worst. Hope you feel better soon and if you don't then you better spring for the more expensive department store prenancy test ..hehe j/k.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love how everyone thinks they should be privy to your most personal moments??

Get well!!