Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How's THAT supposed to help me?!

I was trying to buy a jacket online. (a "professor" jacket that looks professional and stuff.)

I've lost a good deal of weight in the last year and I'm kind of between sizes right now, so I wasn't sure what size I should order. Well, there was a size chart, so I clicked on it. It gave different body measurements and what size they corresponded to. So I got out my tape measure.

According to this chart, though:

my bust is a size 4.
my hips are a size 10.
my waist is a size 16.
my inseam is not usually manufactured. (35," if you're wondering. yeah. I'm six feet tall.)

So what the &^%$ am I supposed to order?!


januarys said...

how can there already be standards in web design, reality tv, and cosmetic surgery... but nothing that makes any sense when it comes to sizing. you would think someone would put together something that revolutionizes the blipping rosetta stone that is modern clothing sizing.

Tonya said...

That is the trouble with ordering clothes online. You can't try it on and the measurements thing does not work. I don't buy clothes or shoes online for the most part because then I spend way to much time shipping things back and forth that don't fit. Good luck!!

Kimberly said...

Find a place with a good return policy?

Audra said...

I have no advice. I just wanted to leave a comment. So, HI!

Johnna said...

&^&* good question!

I guess inseam is relevant to a jacket because sleeve length might be proportional?

You have cheered me up immensely, btw. I've got a size 16 waist on size 10 hips too. the fact I'm 5 inches shorter than you is not taking away my joy.

Mark- TCM said...

Clothes sizes are stupid. They are different again over here in UK, and most European Countries have different measurements too.

I'm glad I'm a dude - at least there's less things to be measured!!!

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januarys said...

Oh I didn't realize we could give real advice. I advise this: Choose a feature that you won't compromise, and know it cover to cover. Like a Jr High girl asking for Uggs. She doesn't want the kind Jena has. Mom, we can't get those, Jena has those. NO SUEDE that's the kind Jena has!

You go, I want a 37" inseam. I WANT IT! I will not settle for 36 1/2 because it's not what I need.

That way it's like, a hodgepodge of bizarrely fitting items but you can keep them because after all they do all have that perfect inseam.

The end.