Monday, October 08, 2007

some Welsh pictures

This is my school:
This is the library at my school (The faint images of people are Emma and Amy):

This is the hallway at my school (betcha didn't realize I was going to Hogworts, huh?):

There is soooooooo much shopping in Bangor:

This is a sheep I chased:


Mark- TCM said...

Ah - sheep! Did any Welsh people mention anything about their, ahem, love of sheep?!!

Quick potted history for you:- England conquered Wales around 1282, and it was formally annexed in law by 1535.
For info: It happens to be the largest Principality in the world.

In southern Wales they pretty much all speak English as their first language.

And me? I love Americans, but hey I don't live in London. fyi- I think that less than half population of London are English, and over 300 languages are spoken there!

I also like the Welsh, even though by the sounds of things they might not like me!Might be something to do with the sheep jokes....

sar said...

Oh that's beautiful! I stayed in London for a while and I remember visting the outlying towns -- that whole dang island really is as beautiful as they tell you in books, isn't it! Your pics remind me of Bath and Dover. So - now you don't have to visit those places, hahaha...