Friday, November 09, 2007

Apparenty, I used to have a brain

My mom just sent me this excerpt from a family Christmas letter:

"[Kerry] is constantly writing, although she is only in Kindergarten." He then says: "She spells strictly phonetically. For example: "I am sary," or "wy nyd a baby bessing." Marty said, "It's nice to find notes saying, "I love you dadee."" He also says, "We play a math game, I say a string of problems like 3 plus 7 take away 4 take away 2 double that, now what's that equal? She gets 4 out of 5 right."

Wha' happened, people?!


Kimberly said...

Okay, you lured me back with your parasite comment. What the heck?!

januarys said...

Is this about you as a kid? That's funny I was really into phonetic spellings as a kid too... and I grew up a writer. Not the kind that gets money for it, but a writer no less.

Anonymous said...

You claim a loss of intelligence. Balogna!

You still love to write - thus this blog, not to mention a recent writing award.

As for math - name me one other English major, bachelor, masters, or doctor that has a minor in math!

Love "dadee"

sarah said...

oh! you're the holy grail!!!!!

you're the writer we've waited for, who doesn't apologize for liking math too!!!

i'm thrilled! :)e