Thursday, December 20, 2007

Congratulations Fall of 2007

not only are you now done with finals, you have officially managed to blow my mind. and not in the bad way like most semesters!!

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Man o Steel said...

We blew your mind? Do tell why. Is it the fact that I am littering your blog with comments, the fact that we are ridiculesly good looking, the fact that we all procrastinate and do ridicules things for extensions, or the fact Bob is in one of your classes?

Bob was in my class once and he blew my mind, so I'd understand that one. And I'm told I blow female minds all the time because I'm ridiculously good looking. I am surprised that nobody else has littered your blog with comments though. If indeed, I am the first, then that makes me feel pretty durned good to be unique.

You'd think that for all of the years you've taught this class, things would start getting boring and predictable.