Friday, December 07, 2007

The epic battle: Falcon versus Bob

One of assignments in class is to write an unbiased informative research paper on something that "freaks you out" and to then post the paper on Wikipedia for the world to see. (That way, if you really *are* biased, *everyone* can tell you about it.)

One of my favorite students, an adorable boy named Bob, wrote his paper on Sanguinarians--or, the type of self-described vampire who actually drinks blood.

Well, when he posted his paper, some dude named Falcon took it down in, like, five minutes! So he posted it again. So it came down again. So he posted it again. etc.

Apparently, "Falcon" is a vampire who has deemed himself keeper of the Vampire Wiki page.

I'm excited to see who'll win!


Man o Steel said...

Wait, favorite students? Aren't you teachers not supposed to play favorites? I thought that was a rule, or ethical guideline or something. Your class has truly disillusioned me in regards to what teachers are supposed to be.

Speaking of crossing boundaries. Isn't it slightly creepy that I comment on your blog? There is some weird line, I feel like I'm crossing here.

Man o Steel said...

Oh, wait, I'm Neil in your H150 class by the way. I just realized, Man o' Steel, might not be immediately obvious.

k said...

teachers *totally* have favorite students! we just don't usually tell you about it. :-)

and creepier things have happened than your commenting on the blog. the semester's almost over, anyway.

Man o Steel said...

You realize that I'm going to have to push the line even more now, right? I have your address.

HA! I love how much time I waste reading and posting on your blog when I should be writing your papers.

If I fail, it will be all your fault.