Monday, December 03, 2007

explains a lot, huh

just heard on the radio this morning that Utah is officially the "most depressed" state in the US.

I hear they're thinking of putting Prozac in the water, along with Fluoride.


Sarah said...

In my experience, Prozac won't help depression... unless you're depressed because you're getting too much lovin. Then you're golden.

kristin said...

We were talking about this in my math class and I responded maybe we're the most depressed state because Utah's birth rate rivals that of third world countries! and everyone looked at me horrified and my math teacher exclaimed, "families make you happy, I know, I'm one of 12!"---AAAH! Maybe its because we live in a society where its expected of us to suppress our emotions all of the time and be happy little oppressed baby-making machines! Utah also has highest number of plastic surgeries per capita! put that all together!

Anonymous said...

Huh, guess the Happy Valley isn't so happy.

But I swear, they put something in the water here at BYU. Everyone's so cheery.