Saturday, December 29, 2007

Signs of Aging

I'm working on a re-write of a story right now.

In response to original scene in which protagonist runs about town trying to find out what someting means, agent says the following to me: "So, uh, why wouldn't she just *Google* this?!"


Because I am so very, very, very old now that it didn't even occur to me.

*I* didn't have Google when I was 16. So why should *she*?!

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Man o Steel said...

I just watched You've Got Mail the other day and I couldn't help chuckling. Dial Up internet connection? AOL? That is so last century. Then I realized that it was last century and that I remember when that movie was made and it wasn't that long ago. I stopped laughing and was immediately brought to a profound sense of awe. If that was yesterday, what's going to happen tomorrow?

By the way, not everyone realizes that they can just google things these days, in fact 16 year olds are not known for their amazing research skills. And even when they do google it, sometimes it's stupid hard to find things on google. Sometimes finding one of the three pages of useful information in the 50000 pages it gives you is just not worth the effort.